Urban Håden My name is Urban Haden and I am the founder of Urbandblues. I was born in Sundsvall, the northern part of Sweden and grew up in the countryside Started to play the guitar about the age of 10 and played in different bands.

Bastard was a project going on for five years writing and performing jazz-rock fusion music mostly instrumental. I was teaching classic guitar a few years before I moved to Stockholm, the capitol of Sweden.

Also a few years I was a member of Hudik Big Band touring with artists like Georgie Fame, Nils Landgren, Jan Allan, Maritza Horn, Etta Cameron etc…

I was also working with Tomas Jutterström Project, Håkan Levin.

URBANISH is another band I’m working with. We play original instrumental music, Fusion. When we get together we most times do that as a quartet. That means Guitar, Keyboard, Bass and Drums.